Is it possible to convert the human resources department into a paperless departmenzzaa

Is it possible to convert the human resources department into a paperless departmenzzaa

The process of converting the human resources department into a paperless department is one of the most important modern trends in companies, because this step has a significant positive impact on raising the levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the company as a whole in general and preserving the environment in general, as this department is the most used for documents, contracts and paper forms . The costs in this case are not only limited to the cost of the paper used, but also extend to the expenses of printers, inks, file cabinets, maintenance costs, and others.


Based on the above, transforming the human resources department into a paperless department will save you money, time and a lot of burdens. DotsHr summarizes for you a set of basic points that you need to follow in order to transform your HR department into a paperless department.


1. Automate HR processes


The first step that you need to do is to search for a human resource management system suitable for the size and nature of your company business in order to be able to automate many human resource processes, the most important of which are:

• Joining new employees: The joining of a new employee to the company may require a lot of paperwork, such as the work contract, employee documents, forms for handing over the company's assets to the employee, and company policy files that the employee must review.
• Payroll accounts: The process of calculating salaries also consumes a lot of paperwork, such as local tax forms, social security forms, and other withholding forms.
Leaves and Departures: Submitting papers on leave and departures also consumes huge amounts of papers.
• Follow up the attendance and departure of employees: Managing the attendance and absence of employees and linking it with their salaries on paper is a very complicated routine task that consumes a lot of paper, time and effort, as it exposes you to errors greatly due to the large number of numbers and information.

Investing in an electronic human resources management system such as DotsHr is the primary step to get rid of the paper-based system and move to a new, more efficient and effective phase through which the energies of the human resources department are used for tasks more important than paper transactions that can be automated with this system with ease.


2. Use of electronic signature


All HR transactions need to be signed by at least two people, the traditional method of printing and signing the form and re-uploading the signed copy to the computer is annoying and impractical. You can now adopt the electronic signature, which will save you from printing and wasting a large number of papers, and will significantly increase the speed of completing tasks.


3. Move to cloud storage


HR documents and documents make up the bulk of paper consumption in any company, so you should consider adopting cloud storage solutions in your company immediately. This reduces paper consumption significantly, and enables you to access these documents at any time and from anywhere, without having to be at the company's premises or worrying about maintaining the confidentiality of documents and information when choosing a reliable storage system.