Human Resources Program

Enjoy a unique experience with the use of the Dots HR Personnel Program. We designed it to be completely free from the complexities of the usual accounting programs with a huge amount of features.. Which makes it the most suitable program for you, including continuous evaluations of employees and controlling the attendance and departure of employees in more systematic ways with the possibility of extracting detailed payrolls for employees In addition to the possibility of calculating employee insurance and income tax for each employee.. We also designed an application for employees to submit their requests and complaints, identify delays, penalties and incentives, and review salaries through the application without referring to the occupancy of human resources employees, a complete management of your employees, and archiving of employee files since employment until retirement

As for the administrators, it is easy to follow up the employees in an instant through the program through the attendance report - leave - absences - requests submitted through the employees. As for the employees, it is easy to know the reasons for his rewards and discounts - his delays and the extra time during his term - he can make a statement of his vacation balance and follow up on his requests in a real time. This is why I do not need the Dots program for human resources in companies.
Personal and job information with the ability to attach appointment documents. Alerts in case the document expires. Attendance and departure system, shifts, leave and absence list. Preparing salary items from basic, variable, accruals and deductions. Control discounts and vacations Increases and bonuses Managing sales representatives' commissions. A complete evaluation of the employee from the administrators
Attendance and departure system for time management and specialized in calculating all time influences from attendance, absence, delay, additional, penalties, etc. in the form of points, and it is a complete system for managing time manually and automatically by linking it to different fingerprint programs or attendance and departure devices, as the system also follows up Permissions and tasks for employees, and it is based on flexible rules in monitoring absences, delays, overtime, permissions and assignments, this program works on more than one shift for one employee on the same day, and prepares reports by the user for time management data and merges them with personnel affairs data within the company or organization in the introduction of administrative sanctions From the system, in addition to the penalties that are calculated automatically from the system
The program has more than one way to facilitate the process of attendance and departure: 1- By connecting with the fingerprint machine. 2- By registering attendance and departure through the employee’s account with the ESS application and linking the location point to a specific zoon area on the GPS. 3- By scanning the QR Code, he entered the company’s headquarters and is done through the employee’s ESS application.
The wages and salaries system integrates with the attendance and departure system to set attendance and departure rules on the basis of which salaries and wages are calculated, whether they are monthly, semi-monthly or weekly, and it also helps you enter and allocate salary items with specifying the type of each item, for example; Clause of wages, insurances, taxes, advances, and so on, specifying the nature of the clause; Dues or deductions, etc., as well as determining whether the item is fixed and repeated monthly, or is it variable, and it is integrated with the customer and sales program to account for the commissions of the delegates, and these regulations are set once at the start of the system’s operation and then after that a button is pressed, and the salaries are calculated and ready in detail. For each employee and in total for each department, department, shift, or the organization as a whole. a program
- Attendance and departure detection Summary of attendance and departure - The absence movement Vacations movement - vacations balance - Movement delay - traffic lines Overtime movement - Movement of extra days - Bonus increases - Salary archive report for the previous months
Self-Service Program - Employee Self-Service The employee self-service system is one of the latest programs that has been added to the human resources management system. The system allows employees to take care of many matters and tasks related to resources without the need for human resources employees to intervene or manage, for example, knowing the remaining leave balance, or requesting a leave, or requesting Salafi, or even inquiring about salary vocabulary, it also enables the employee to change personal information such as address, contact information and banking information, which will need some approvals before being registered by the Personnel Affairs Program, which contributes to saving working hours and increasing efficiency for the company.
The mobile phone is a private application that remains an employee. Its most important features are: - 1- The ability to register attendance / leave through the application in the event that it entered the location specified for it through the Human Resources Department. 2- The possibility of submitting requests to the administration (permit request - advance request - permission request). 3- Review bonuses and discounts, 4- Review the daily attendance and departure. 5- Reviewing the monthly salaries.
Accuracy of financial transactions is a very important matter with employees, and the first important steps to achieve accuracy come to follow-up attendance and leave accurate follow-up so through the Personnel Affairs Program you can link fingerprint devices to the program to make sure of the attendance and departure times of each employee without the need of the human factor in his registration in order to avoid any human errors. Support for all kinds of fingerprint devices Connect the program to the fingerprint device Importing fingerprint data on the program The possibility of amending the data
- Full control over the form of salary vocabulary (deductions and allowances) Integration of the attendance and departure system and the list of delays, overtime, absences and vacations with the wages system. The process of calculating salaries for thousands of employees takes place in minutes. - Review attendance, leave, payroll, and review the financial entry from one screen - Calculate compound vocabulary (such as taxes and insurance) easily. - The introduction of workers' advances and their installments flexibly and easily. Direct connection to attendance and departure machines - The rule of delay is gradual during the day (the first quarter of an hour of grace, then...) and also during the month (the first time - the second time...) Supporting all types of leave (regular - casual - unpaid - sick...) with the possibility of defining new types Control of weekends and annual holidays. Support for successive shifts. - Entering all personal data of employees, and their documents (documents - photos - word files) Entering employment applications with its documents attached. Assessment of the applicant's personal and technical characteristics. - Entering training courses for employees and their results. - Introducing periodic employee evaluation in all administrative, technical and personal aspects
Human Resources Program
Payroll management enginePayroll management engine
Payroll management engine

Managing salary marches for each branch of the company, department or company in full and the possibility of dividing deductions - insurances

Personnel Affairs Department (Employees)Personnel Affairs Department (Employees)
Personnel Affairs Department (Employees)

Managing personnel files (employees) in all of the vacations, discounts, salaries, increases, appraisals, contracts, renewals, and a special report for the employee

Attendance and DepartureAttendance and Departure
Attendance and Departure

Extract a report from the date to the date, the name of the employee, the job number, the whole branch or a specific department, and the report can also be extracted on the entire institution

Management of absences and vacationsManagement of absences and vacations
Management of absences and vacations

Adding absences and vacations through the human resources employee or through the mobile application and the administrative approval / rejection is required.

A complete file for each employeeA complete file for each employee
A complete file for each employee

All attached files for the employee (worker). A special card can also be printed with the name, the job number and a QR code with all the employee's data.

Report payable salariesReport payable salaries
Report payable salaries

Extract the salaries before confirming the possibility of modification of attendance, departure, deductions, and amendment on them before confirming the month's wages. There is also a complete archive of salaries

Calculation of salary insurancesCalculation of salary insurances
Calculation of salary insurances

Salary addition from employee salary deductions

The possibility of adding more than one separate institutionThe possibility of adding more than one separate institution
The possibility of adding more than one separate institution

Add a section from a branch of the company or institution, the possibility of extracting separate salaries and reporting employees in the branch

Multilingual systemMultilingual system
Multilingual system

The system and the application work in more than one language (Arabic / English)

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Official institution
Team work experienceTeam work experience
Team work experience
Continuous ImprovementContinuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement
Network security and stabilityNetwork security and stability
Network security and stability
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After-sales service
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