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A website is the most powerful tool for your communication. The importance of designing a website is to provide a unique way to communicate with the world. Whether you choose to create a website to share your interests, let people know about your business, sell and market your products, or for any other reason – there are no limits to what you can do!

Determine the quality of the content that will be displayed on the site, it can be informational content

Or merchandise for marketing, training courses, and many other types of content.

Choosing the name of the site, where you need to choose a name that expresses the activity of the site

This makes it easier for visitors to identify its content by simply viewing it on the various search engine pages.

Determining the course and idea of ​​the site, it is possible that you provide humorous content, and it is possible that you target the category of scholars and intellectuals

You can also attract another category of merchants or customers, you have to determine the categories that you will want to visit your site, and based on this determine the tools necessary for that.

Learn how to build external and internal links to your site and link them with some other websites

So that you can attract different visits, whether from your country or from any other country.

Choosing the most appropriate design from templates for the site according to the type of your site, in addition to choosing the necessary programming

Therefore, it is preferable to cooperate and request that service from a specialized company such as Simcolon, which is one of the best web design companies and away from amateurs to avoid any errors that cause your site to stop later.

Determining the hosting of the site and the domain, as well as using Simcolon company, as it always seeks to help its customers, and this step is one of the steps that are available in programming as a whole

You can also then specify your desire to buy free of charge from them, or of medium or high financial value, according to the capabilities that you will select.

First: - Static Sites

This type is the complete opposite of dynamic sites in terms of content. This type does not contain normal content like the rest of the sites. Here you cannot change the content like the rest of the sites, and you also cannot modify the data and information that is placed on this site.

This is because static sites are sites that are usually written in HTML + CSS, and are characterized by being simple and small in terms of the amount of content and data displayed on them.

Second: - dynamic sites (dynamic):

Dynamic sites or what some call interactive sites are most of what Simcolon Software Solutions offers, which are sites built mainly in a programming language such as PHP, ASP, Ruby, Python, and the content is fetched through a database or other files, and this type of site is the most widely used in our time Currently, it can be said that most of the sites on the Internet are dynamic (interactive) sites.

You can start your first steps in application development using Java.

2- Kotlin (for Android application development) “a modern programming language that gives developers happiness.” ...
3- SWIFT (for iOS application development) ...
4- React Native / JavaScript (for developing hybrid applications
5- Flutter DART (for developing hybrid applications)
Ionic JavaScript (for developing hybrid applications)

You can purchase the program by choosing the packages you wish to register for from here (Packages and Prices)

Then register in the application, send data and pay with the available payment methods

Then the registration data for your program will be sent to the e-mail (which was registered through you in the application)

You can view the packages, prices and payment methods here

The development of accounts programs and financial ERP systems has led to a huge technological revolution in the field of managing public accounts for companies. Previously, the paper-based system for financial management was very slow and the rate of human errors was greater, not to mention the difficulty of extracting reports and taking them for a long time. Therefore, the Dots ERP accounts program system provides You have the best accounting software that is able to solve all these problems and get rid of them.

There may be accounting programs that help you in your daily affairs and fulfill the purpose, but accounting programs cannot do the work of financial accounts programs, but the opposite is true. Financial and cash movements, profit and loss, etc., and calculate them in a manner consistent with your type of activity.

You can get the free trial from the page

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Then sign up for the trial version

The user data will be sent to the email registered in the application

An account can only be registered with one company

But if you want to work for another company

You can work with another account and a discount will be made for the second company

Uncle, you can buy a lifetime copy of the program through

Full licenses and contracts for the program