Accounting program for tourism and travel agencies

The travel agencies program is connected with the reservation programs Amadeus - Galileo - Saber in addition to the speed in dealing and managing the account of each supplier if the account is a credit or debit or there is a credit limit and it is also possible to install the service for customers, the possibility of sending SMS messages to the customer when registering or issuing a bill or paying Part of the invoice and the remainder. A report of the percentages of sales employees can also be shown

The revenues of travel and tourism companies vary according to the size of the tourism company, for example, tourism companies category (C) whose revenues are represented in the commissions resulting from the difference between the revenue of service sales and the cost of the service, while the revenues of the large-sized travel and tourism company, category (A), vary as follows: 1- Hotel reservations commission resulting from the difference between the hotel reservation revenues and the reservation cost. 2- Commission of airline tickets reservations for the difference between airline ticket revenues and the cost of the reservation. 3- Revenues from internal and external tourism trips (archaeological tourism - religious tourism - performing Hajj and Umrah - domestic tourism - entertainment tours - car rent - bus revenues - other revenues ...). The tourism company shall issue invoices of its dues attached to it with forms known as operating orders (which are a form showing the data of the operation process) indicating the following data: (Driver's name - operating hours - operating date - operating order number - number of tourists - customer name - name of the supervisor / tour guide - vehicle data - .....) Then special operating orders are collected for each destination separately (a specific hotel - a restaurant A specific - a specific Nile cruise - ....) and an invoice is issued with the total value of the operating orders indicating the same data of the operating order in addition to it (name of the party to which the invoice is addressed - the amount of the invoice - the value of VAT - the payment period ....) Collecting the value of this invoice in cash as soon as the operation order is completed or a deadline is obtained according to the agreement with the party from which the bills are to be collected. All operating orders are recorded monthly in the so-called "movement book" that differs from the assistant professor of revenue that contains an analysis of the types of revenues of the tourism company and the value of each The revenue and percentage of each activity from the total revenue of the company. As for the expenses of travel and tourism companies, they vary between activity costs and general and administrative expenses. A - Activity costs, including: IATA -1 costs for airline tickets booked that are payable through the website 2- Hotel reservation costs, which are reimbursed to hotel agents. 3- Tourism trip costs (religious - archaeological - entertainment - internal - Hajj and Umrah ...) 4- The costs of the various means of tourist transport (buses - cars - trucks - .....) of drivers' wages, fuel, oils, spare parts, license fees, transit fees, and others. 5- Wages and salaries of supervisors, tour guides, and tour group escorts. 6- Commissions for marketing agents and brokers for tourism companies. 7- Costs of meals, clothes, and benefits in kind for employees or tourist groups. B - General and administrative expenses They are the expenses related to the salaries of the administration employees and the administrative and financial apparatus of the company, as well as the rent of the company's headquarters, warehouses, expenses of water, electricity, stationery, paper and printing inks, advertising expenses, marketing expenses, annual subscriptions to the website and others. All revenues and expenditures of travel and tourism companies are recorded and classified in the chart of accounts in order to obtain accounting reports that show the value of the profits or losses of the company during the financial year, and to know how to record and classify the revenues and expenditures, it is necessary to first know the tree of accounts for the travel and tourism company. Travel and tourism company account tree
The travel and tourism agencies system enables you to automatically create accounting entries, general journal entries, financial flows, bank accounts and financial centers.
Recording sales of IATA tickets and economic companies. The management system of tourism companies helps you to issue invoices with tax and the possibility of automatic import from reservation programs.
The possibility of adding an infinite number of branches and extracting all the report for each branch or a combined report for the entire company if it is financial accounts or extracting clients of each branch or building debts and zigamat
The possibility of adding a new tax rate or amendment to the currently available one. It is also possible to apply more than one type of tax to the invoice. The tax can also be applied to the entire bill or to only one service.
من الممكن استراجع فاتوره بالكامل او خدمه واحده من الفاتوره
The possibility of paying the amount through cash or credit card payment or sending a link through SMS, and it is paid through the bank electronically or by bank transfer, and it is also possible to install the bill over specific periods
The possibility of linking the system to electronic invoices, and when issuing an invoice, there is an option to export the invoice to the electronic invoice system and give it a new secret, or the invoice will be revealed and kept in the system only

Program Modules

Supplier management (debits - credits)Supplier management (debits - credits)
Supplier management (debits - credits)

There is a complete file on suppliers' data, how to communicate with each other, a report on sales ratios and returns, a detailed report on sales, and a specification in the supplier's file if there is a credit limit or advance payment must be made, and alerts should be shown to management

Manage employees and their lockersManage employees and their lockers
Manage employees and their lockers

The possibility of adding for you special employee permits based on the nature of his work and reviewing all the tasks that he has performed as a whole. A percentage of the sales employee can be added, reviewing all the employee's report, liquidating the employee’s treasury daily, and filtering sales rates.

Issuing invoices and refundsIssuing invoices and refunds
Issuing invoices and refunds

The possibility of issuing an invoice with more than one product and more than one tax on the invoice in full or one service. A discount can also be applied to the invoice in full or for one service. A deferred bill can be issued on installments that are determined to be communicated to the customer through SMS messages. The invoice can be paid through payment machines or A bank transfer or electronic bill issuance, which the customer pays through the visa

Manage payment and payment methodsManage payment and payment methods
Manage payment and payment methods

There is more than one way to pay (cash - electronic machines such as middl or immediate, enter service fees - bank transfer, enter accounts and send it to the sms customer in the case of payment, bank transfer - payment through bank channels through the visa and here an electronic invoice is issued to send it to the customer and he makes the payment from Through my ATM card) and a full report is issued for each type of payment method and the rates for each transaction, if any.

Connecting the system with government electronic billsConnecting the system with government electronic bills
Connecting the system with government electronic bills

Connecting the program with the government electronic invoicing system by entering the API Key - UUid registered with you in the government system. There is also a special option. The possibility of exporting the electronic invoice to the government for review and issuing a government review number with the possibility of not exporting the invoice and in the case of the report choose all the invoices or invoices issued for review or that Not sent for review,

General accountsGeneral accounts
General accounts

The accounting system settings include - the accounting tree, the accounting guide, dividing the 14 numbers - adding daily / non-stage entries - exchange and receipt vouchers - cost centers - types of entries and entries movements) There is also a lot of the accounting report from within the ledger - the balance sheet - the audit balance - Account statement from date to date posted / not posted

Customer reportCustomer report
Customer report

For each customer there is a file for him showing all invoices and invoices paid in full that have not been paid and the dates of their payment, and there is also a report that examines customer bills from date to date or all customers and shows the credit limit and the debt limit and if he has a balance in the wallet

Staff reportStaff report
Staff report

The employee’s report from sales and returns from date to date with the ability to choose a specific employee, specific resources, or all suppliers with the ability to choose a specific service or a specific range and all - the employee’s treasury collection An employee has a treasury for each employee that can be collected two days each period according to the department’s desire. A disbursement report Employee dues There is the possibility of disbursing the proportions of employee entitlements upon issuing the invoice or paying the last part of it if it is deferred bills

Supplier reportSupplier report
Supplier report

The possibility of extracting a report from purchases and refunds from each supplier or all suppliers with the possibility of choosing (service - scope - result retrieval / purchases) or choosing everyone from date to date each supplier has a complete file with debts and indebtedness and the possibility of issuing a bill of exchange of receivables and liquidating the account

Tax administrationTax administration
Tax administration

The possibility of adding more than one type of tax and changing tax rates with the possibility of adding a tax on a specific service or one or more tax on the invoice in full. It is also possible to extract a complete tax report from date to date and extract the report on a specific service, scope or resource

Tax reportTax report
Tax report

A full report with taxes from date to date and the report is extracted on a service, scope, supplier, specific type of sales, returns, or all

It works in more than one languageIt works in more than one language
It works in more than one language

The program works in Arabic / English with the possibility of adding more than one language or works in one language

Why ThisProgram

Official institutionOfficial institution
Official institution
Team work experienceTeam work experience
Team work experience
Continuous ImprovementContinuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement
Network security and stabilityNetwork security and stability
Network security and stability
After-sales serviceAfter-sales service
After-sales service
competitive pricescompetitive prices
competitive prices

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