Travel and Tourism Agencies System

Travel and Tourism Agencies System

How can a travel and tourism company easily open the licenses provided by the Ministry of Tourism in order to facilitate the services of users and include multiple activities such as tour operators, travel agencies and tourism, tourist guides.

Perhaps you are a person who loves to travel and has many experiences, along with a good knowledge about marketing and sales on the one hand, and the secrets of booking tours on the other hand; All of the above makes you almost ready to start a travel agency where you can make money and work in your first passion. The office or workplace problem remains, right? The travel and tourism industry is one of the most distinctive economic sectors, and by starting to work in it you can open many doors to success and earn money. But it undoubtedly carries its own challenges and difficulties.


Get to know the laws regulating travel agency work in your country. Before starting any business, there is no substitute for studying the governing laws to ensure that your travel agency fully complies with these laws. Note that you need to familiarize yourself with the laws on travel and tourism businesses, as well as home-grown businesses (without separate business premises). According to these laws, you may be required to provide a set of files that allow you to set up a business in your home, and there are also documents required to obtain recognition from the official authorities and licenses to own a business and license its activity as a travel agency.

Find the laws regulating your city or country by communicating with the concerned authorities (Chamber of Travel and Tourism Companies and Agencies - Saudi Ministry of Tourism)


Calculate the expected cash flow. First consider all potential financial obligations, which may include: insurance premiums, business licenses, and taxes owed. Then think about the expected revenue, which can be inferred based on the data of the tourism market in which you operate and the availability of the target population. This type of information is very important and should be included in the business plan you are preparing. It will also help you determine the feasibility of setting up your business (whether it will bring you a net profit or not?)

Make sure to do this step very carefully so as not to mis- anticipate (over or underestimate) the expected profits.
Don't forget to take into account one-time costs or accidental ones. For example: a large group of costs that you have to pay in the first months to build the project will usually not recur in the coming months.
You can rely on the FlyAcc accounting software for travel and tourism agencies to calculate all your expected cash flows.



Choose a major in travel and tourism. Decide if you want to run a travel and tourism agency with a general activity, or if you prefer to focus your activity on a specific specialty. You can also run your own business by simply referring other major companies (thereby earning referral commission) or you can focus on booking and selling to customized travel and tourism deals and offers. You have a large number of options:

As a home-based travel agency, it might be best to focus on cruises, vacation rentals, honeymoon packages for couples, or typically specialize in booking flights and hotels.
You can also specialize by targeting presentations around a specific geographic area. For example, you can aim to deal with resorts in a particular tourist city in your country that you know are attractive to customers in the market in which you are active, and then succeed in reaching special offers and impressive deals that no one else is able to offer, as a result of your frequent dealings with these resorts.
Be sure to choose a specialization based on your personal experience and expertise. Starting at least from what you already know is usually the right decision.