Transportation management program and car maintenance

To manage the movement of tankers and trucks in terms of periodic maintenance, expenses and revenues obtained as a result of the company's contracts with customers, the program deals with personnel affairs and the movement of incoming and outgoing mail to the company with the use of electronic archiving of mail documents for each truck separately, the program calculates the income and expenses of the company and analyzes them according to the approved chart of accounts In the program, with the status of the company's client accounts separately, and a lot of unprecedented features.

The system aims to automate the maintenance and follow-up management of the company's fleet of cars and machines. The system provides technical and administrative information to all administrative levels, which helps them in making decisions. The system monitors and follows up on preventive fleet maintenance to preserve the company's assets, ensure optimal use of its resources, avoid sudden breakdowns and misuse, and thus help achieve the highest return for the company. The main objective of the system is to reduce the time consumed in following up operations and save time to follow up and improve performance.
Fleet management and follow-up is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies in the various activities that affect the fleet in terms of operation, maintenance and repair costs, in addition to the missed opportunities caused by sudden breakdowns. Operating orders can be created to follow the movement of the car and to know the locations of all cars in the fleet in real time and to follow up the kilometers in which the fleet is used and the places that were sent to it.
The system has a record of receipt and delivery of the car or vehicle to the driver and the place to attach the record and pictures of the vehicle from all sides or attach a video of the vehicle's condition,
It is possible to record vehicle accidents and make a combined statement of account of the expenses that the vehicle has disbursed to return to its initial condition, and it is possible to charge the driver in full or part of the expenses or a percentage
Transportation management program and car maintenance
A complete file for each carA complete file for each car
A complete file for each car

Manage the condition of the car, its maintenance, its files, and the minutes of delivery and receipt


Alerts of periodic maintenance times or road maintenance cases of accidents and how they are charged to the institution or employee

Electronic archive of company documentsElectronic archive of company documents
Electronic archive of company documents

Full archive of car documents from the time of purchase until now, including contracts, invoices, and deductions for the vehicle or vehicle installments.


Managing clients in cases of leasing to others and knowing their credit / debit balance - fully paid

revenues and expensesrevenues and expenses
revenues and expenses

An account statement of the car’s revenues and expenses in any case if it is an installment, maintenance or renewal

Full report of car movementsFull report of car movements
Full report of car movements

تقرير بحركه السياره من وقت شرائها والعمليات التي قامت بها والصيانه التي تم عملها وحالات الحوادث والاقساط المسدده

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