Cheapest accounting software or best accounting software

Cheapest accounting software or best accounting software

The difficult equation, what is the solution?




Companies and institutions search daily for a program that achieves the difficult equation between the price of the accounting program and the efficiency of performance, so they search for the cheapest accounting program and also for the best accounting program!!



We were able to provide our customers with the best accounting software with a monthly subscription.



On a daily basis, shop owners, factories and companies in all disciplines are looking for an accounting program to manage their accounts with ease and follow up on their revenues, expenses, profits and losses in every period.



In the end, you will find a great discrepancy between your needs of the program and other accounting programs available in the market, as well as the terrible price differences between the programs.



That is why SemicolonLTd  has designed the best accounting program with a monthly subscription, so it is the cheapest accounting program in the Saudi market, in addition to the fact that the program is approved by the Zakat and Income Authority in Saudi Arabia and enjoys all the features needed to work inside Your company, thus Simcolon Software Solutions   has developed a final solution to the problem of accounting software pricing.


Accounting programDotsERPThe cheapest accounting program in the Arab world accredited by more than 100 legal accounting firms.



أرخص برنامج محاسبة أم أفضل برنامج محاسبة


The cheapest accounting program with a monthly subscription! Why ?

The cheapest accounting program with a monthly subscription! Why ?


  • How many times have you purchased an accounting program and did not benefit from it?
  • Do you receive appropriate technical support after making your purchase?
  • How many times has the program requested updates and did not receive the requested updates?
  • How much money does it take to own an accounting software?


Many questions that we have addressed with a distinguished team to achieve a balance between everything for our clients.


  1. So that you have lifelong technical support. Its main goal is to develop the program and obtain customer satisfaction.
  2. so that you dont have to pay a lot of money now.
  3. In order to ensure that the program follows international standards, so it is valid for all activities and stores.


There is no need for all these exaggerated prices because we have produced an integrated idea approved by the system cost-sharing system for all subscribers, which is called the SAAS System.



No need for expensive hardware and forget traditional accounting that takes a lot of time and effort



Now you can follow up your work from anywhere, at any time and from any device with the cheapest accounting program with a monthly subscription.



An accounting program designed to manage your accounts and manage your activity effectively.


Accounting software specifications.


  • Extracting all sales reports and movements.
  • Extracting reports for invoices (sale & ndash; purchase), stores, customers, suppliers, banks, and others.
  • Helps you know expenses and revenues in the shortest possible time in the easiest way.
  • Helps you follow up the sales movement and analyze the required products.
  • The program interface is easy to suit all users and responsive to fit all screens, and the program can be followed through (mobile & ndash; tablet & ndash; laptop).
  • Easy to use and far from complicated in accounting operations so that anyone can easily understand it.
  • The ability to add and modify users on the program, and each user has certain powers.
  • The program contains an internal chat for communication between all users and is also connected to technical support.
  • There is a strong technical support team at the highest levels of efficiency and speed in solving problems
Accounting software specifications.


Start now to adjust your accounts with Simicolon with ease and request a copy of the DotsAcc accounting program in minutes and your accounts will be in your hands