cyber security tips

cyber security tips


Before talking about the most important cybersecurity tips! First find the definition of what is cyber security? (Cyber Security)




We hear this term a lot recently, what is its meaning, what are the reasons for its circulation and what affects the life of the user of the web and social networking sites, and finally what are its types?




Cyber security or cyber security is the process of protecting everything related to social networks and the Internet, and depends on two main methods, the first belongs to programmers specialized in the affairs of the Internet and the world of programming,



As for the second section, it depends entirely on the personal culture owned by Internet users towards digital security and the correct use of social networking sites and electronic platforms.




Cyber security is concerned with operations that aim to protect accounts and electronic devices from digital penetration, which are usually carried out by hackers and hackers with the aim of leaking personal and sensitive information about the target person, company, or even the system that is placed within the targeting circle.




The importance of this type of security used in the countries of the world has increased, as the lives of people and institutions depend by 90 percent and more on the use of the Internet and smart computers in all areas of life, starting from personal communication to the work of institutions and global information security centers, after the invention of the Internet and its attack on space. Population in the world The world has become a small village through which it is easy to access anything in the world, which has contributed to the increase in interest in electronic penetration operations.




And because the Internet has become containing users of all ages with different cultural backgrounds towards the proper use of the Internet, cybersecurity has become an absolute importance in life. Our personal information and blackmail us with it, and if we do not allow the existence of evidence that condemns us, the blackmailer may open the personal camera of your electronic devices and obtain the clips with the desired sexual content in this way that guarantees the blackmailer to make you submit to his various requests.




نصائح الامن السيبراني








now the most important cybersecurity tips








































  • Use a strong and unique password for each site, so use password managers, and never use the same password twice.

  • Set up your smartphone to lock after a short period of inactivity and not use, and it must also be set up with a password to unlock, fingerprint or face.

  • Think twice before you click on any link (found in a private email if it appears to come from your bank or other financial institution. the message .)

  • Use virtual private networks VPN whether you are on a work network or public wired and wireless networks, and where most companies provide VPN for their users, but it must be used even outside work and on smartphones.

  • Do not trust free and unknown programs, as they often have a price and you may install adware with them.

  • Caution is required when trying to install and use applications, especially the permissions you request during the installation process. It is not reasonable for a weather application to ask you for permission to access the images stored on your mobile!

  • Be sure of what you download from the Internet. While there are hundreds of trusted sites that can be downloaded from, there are also thousands of fake sites with malicious content and malicious programs designed only to steal personal and banking data of users, so if you want to download a movie or a recent song, think twice About the source you want to download from.

  • People still expect to find 100% security solutions and may get very angry when they dont get it. Unfortunately, vendor marketing is not good at managing expectations, they often provide simple solutions to complex problems. The idea that security solutions consist of a single solution is illogical and an irresponsible decision.

  • Use two or more methods of authentication: Many social media sites allow you to increase password authentication, with at least one secondary method of authentication such as Facebooks login approval processes using a token sent to your mobile phone by text message. People realize that viruses are not the only security threat to worry about and all they do is install antivirus software which is free of course.

  • Dont compromise on your mobile or device security (such as giving permissions, turning off antivirus protection, or clicking on a link) in exchange for downloading an app or software that you cant pay for, its going to cost you a lot.

  • Think twice before opening attachments in emails or files you download from the Internet. Ask yourself if you trust the sender and the source

  • Update antivirus software: Make sure you download the antivirus software from the sellers website and never install more than two antivirus software at the same time. If you cant buy an antivirus software, there are many free options such as AVIRA, AVG, AVAST, etc.

  • Security vulnerabilities are an infection that is increasing day by day. Just make sure to use software browsers that are constantly updated

  • Subscribe to websites and blogs specialized in information security to stay informed of their latest developments.


    Security layers are important: Install programs that specialize in malware protection, as well as antivirus programs, and dont forget to make backups.



    Update systems: Make sure that all software installed on your device is up-to-date, especially those that are highly targeted such as Java and PDF programs.



    There is no such thing as free on the Internet, even those free programs and applications whose owners claim that they are free. Of course, they are not, because the return behind your use of these free programs means that you agreed to give them permission to access your personal data.







Always remember that nothing on the Internet is free. Always make sure that the programs that you use to manage your company or organization are paid from a reliable place...